Dallas-based Afro pop sensation, Deen, embarks on a musical journey set to captivate audiences with a series of highly anticipated releases in 2024. Born and raised in Oyo state, Nigeria, Deen's musical roots trace back to the vibrant sounds of Fuji music, providing the soundtrack to his Islamic upbringing.

Deen's commitment to spreading happiness and good vibes remains unwavering, a mission he passionately shares with his diverse audience. Drawing inspiration from his Nigerian heritage and influenced by the likes of WizKid, Deen seamlessly blends his distinct roots with American influences, creating a contemporary R&B sound enriched with West African melodies.

In 2021, Deen introduced the world to his sonic palette with the release of his debut EP, "Vibes with OG." The lead single from this EP, titled "No Be Lie," received critical acclaim, earning Deen over 200 thousand combined streams—an impressive feat for a debut release. This early success solidified Deen's position as a rising star in the Afro pop scene, laying the foundation for his forthcoming musical endeavors.

The journey into 2024 kicks off with the much-anticipated single "For My Mind," scheduled for release on February 14. This marks the beginning of a thrilling musical odyssey as Deen unveils a new track every other Friday, treating fans to a total of 8 releases. Deen's versatile style remains a defining feature, with an Afrocentric appeal and a smooth, effortless delivery that sets him apart in the music scene. As he conquers the industry, his music promises to spread great vibes not only across the continent but beyond.

With each release, Deen invites listeners to join him on a musical exploration that transcends borders, showcasing his evolution as an artist committed to authenticity and the pure joy of music. Stay tuned as Deen takes center stage, delivering a melodic journey that reflects the richness of his heritage and the universal language of rhythm and harmony.

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